Colorado Rockies betting

Fans of baseball will have to wait until the end of March 2014 for the resumption of the MLB, but for those who also get a kick out of gambling on the various divisions, leagues and the World Series, there is always baseball betting to fill the close season months. Bets start going in at bookmakers within days of the season ending, and continue throughout this period but, as with other types of sports betting, sometimes supporting a team makes you bet on them even when they have no real chance. So is this the case with the Colorado Rockies?

Of course it is much more difficult to say with real certainty when the games are not yet underway, but the Rockies have certainly been marked down as relative outsider bets for both the National League and the World Series. They are 28/1 for the former and 80/1 for the latter, which means few except Rockies fans are likely to be betting on them for this in particular. They could be a reasonable pick for the National League if you are happy to take a bigger risk to potentially reap a bigger reward, but you have to weigh up whether it is likely to pay off or not. If you think not, then a baseball game at a casino site such as might be preferable.

There are a whole bunch of these games to choose from, if you decide to opt for them, for example Hot Shot – a baseball slot game with five reels and a top jackpot worth $2000. While this particular slot does not have the bonus game featured with some of the baseball slot machines out there, it does compensate by offering some of the best use of sound effects of any such game. From the murmurs of the crowd that rise to roars when you get a winning reel with the gold trophy scatter symbol, to the bat on ball sounds that accompany all other wins, this really adds to the pleasure of scooping a payout.

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