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NL West News: Tim Hudson lands with the San Francisco Giants

Tim Hudson seems like a nice guy, right? He seems professional and polite. He seems like a classy guy, and at this point he is probably considered an elder statesman in the locker room. Having established that, I have a question for Colorado Rockies’ fans:

Do you think Hudson let the Rockies down gently when they expressed interest in signing him? Do you think his professionalism stopped him short of hanging up on the Rockies and/or running out of the room covering his ears yelling “LA LA LA LA LA?”

Hudson won’t be a member of the Rockies, but we will see plenty of him in the next couple years. Today the veteran starter inked a two-year, $23 million deal with the San Francisco Giants.

His sinker would have made him an ideal candidate for the Rockies, and presumably they would have been able to afford to offer a comparable contract in terms of money. This situation illustrates the challenge for the Rockies quite nicely, actually. If you were Hudson, a good starting pitcher in the twilight of your career, would you rather sign with the Giants or the Rockies?

That’s what I thought.

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