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Carlos Gonzalez Tests Finger, Surgery Decision Looms

While the Colorado Rockies do not have any vested interests in the drama of the playoffs beyond cheering for their boys on the Pittsburgh Pirates and otherwise, there is a story-line that will keep everybody’s attention between now and November 1st.

Carlos Gonzalez‘s sprained finger. I know, I know…life as a Rockies fan, right?

November 1st is the deadline for CarGo to decide whether or not he will have surgery on the finger. In recent days he has tested it by taking swings, full kilter, in instructional league games.

At issue is whether or not CarGo can proceed without changing his swing or the way he grips the bat. He does not want to have to pursue either of those options because he does not want to lose his power. That would presumably also be a problem if he had to sit and let his finger rest for 6-8 weeks before 4-6 weeks of rehab after surgery, so CarGo is doing everything he can to avoid surgery.

CarGo continues to tell the people who cover the Rockies that he does not want to be a “singles hitter.” While that might be exaggerating things a bit, the point is relevant: a significant part of what makes CarGo an extraordinary player and not just a really good outfielder is the fact that he can be a gold glove outfielder, have a plus throwing arm, steal bases, and still lead the league in home runs (as he did at this year’s All-Star break, for example).

Of course it isn’t a much better option for CarGo to decline surgery and then have this pop up as a lingering issue again next season. He was limited to 110 games of action in 2013 and his last at-bat was August 4th. The hope should be to avoid surgery, but not at the risk of this continuing to be a thing in 2014. If the Rockies want to enjoy anything like a quick turnaround next year, CarGo has to be in the mix.

Say this…if CarGo is relegated to some extra rest this off-season, it looks like he’s got that part down pat.

Man! I want to hang out with Vinny Castilla and Jorge De La Rosa for my relaxing time! Check out the vat of wine DLR appears to have going there. Bottom’s up, Jorge…you earned it.

Finally, I would like to note this comment from one of CarGo’s loyal followers.

Yes, that is a nice spitter…bruh.

Seriously though, please get your finger better…bruh.

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