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Dexter Fowler Might Be Done For The Season

It was just one year ago that we were celebrating Dexter Fowler‘s outstanding play, looking ahead to how great the lineup would be with him in the lead-off spot, and perhaps even praising the organization for their patience with him. With a .300/.389/.474 line for the season, we were sure that Fowler had arrived. 

Now we are back to the ups and downs of uncertainty that have characterized his whole career. The difference is that this season’s issues can be attributed to injuries more than inconsistent play, but regardless, he stands on unsteady ground once again.

Today the news came that Fowler might be done for this season as a concession to his balky knee (courtesy of the Denver Post). For his part, Fowler is especially upset and said as much:

“I told ‘Doogie’ the other day that I wanted to cry. It’s been that frustrating…You start feeling a little bit better, then you get a setback, then another setback.”

The frustration runs up and down the organization. Fowler has become a guy worthy of “as he goes, so the team goes” status. The Rockies need him to be right. And whether it is wise or not, his rocky season will probably place him squarely back in the middle of trade rumors this off-season.

The best part of this story, though, is the following Walt Weiss quote in which he appears to channel John Madden. When asked about Fowler’s status for the team’s final five games, Weiss said:

“The fact that he aggravated that (knee) injury, I think it’s not out of the question. It’s also not out of the question that he could make an appearance again, but we’re coming to the end here, so it’s possible that he may not.”

Thanks for clearing that up, Walt.

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