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At Catcher: Jordan Pacheco

Here’s the deal. The Rockies are at the point where they have to juggle the interests of accomplishments this year, such as a respectable win-loss record or individual stats, with an assessment of things for the future. So when you see a lineup that includes Charlie Culberson batting second and a battery of Jordan Pacheco and Juan Nicasio, you know it is the latter. Oh, and Wilin Rosario is playing first base.

These assessments are useful, however much bumbling and stumbling they create in the process. The Rockies need to know if Culberson is the kind of the guy who can start and bat second. OK I’m kidding; they already know that he can’t. But they do need to see what he will do with regular big league at-bats.

Then they need to see if Pacheco can be a competent big league catcher. Thing is, his decline this season at the plate all but assures that he is not fit to be a platoon mate at either corner of the infield, first in particular. So if they are hoping that he will find the swing that made him a .300 hitter in 2012, then maybe they need to see if that will go along with a potential role as a back-up catcher.

And who might he be catching? On certain days, none other than Nicasio, who is tasked with proving that he belongs in the rotation and not in the bullpen between now and the end of 2013.

As for Rosario, for now this is just to see if he can play first base in spots to keep his bat in the lineup, kind of like a beefier and bearded version of what Buster Posey does for the Giants. Might these assessments also account for whether or not they could move him to first permanently?

Possibly, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s just get through this game, with this lineup, before we worry about that.

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