Josh Outman looks to be staying with the Colorado Rockies. Image: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Trade Deadline 2013: Looks Like Josh Outman Is Staying Put

It doesn’t seem like all that long ago that Josh Outman’s spot on the big league roster was in question. Sure, he’s left-handed, throws in the mid-90’s, and has a truly outstanding name for a pitcher, but none of that has guaranteed success in the past. When he’s good, he’s very good, but he is certainly unpredictable.

Apparently though, with some intriguing stats (42 K’s in 38 IP) and a thin reliever market, Outman was the object of some intrigue for contending teams who are looking to buy at this week’s trade deadline.

Yesterday from Troy Renck:

And then this morning from Buster Olney:

First rule of negotiating, right? Start by asking for a really high price, and then work your way down. I guess that works, although I would think that the Rockies are not in much of a position to hard-line a team willing to give up prospects for the volatile lefty. I suppose those people who have not gone through the hand-ringing of some Outman appearances view him as a valuable asset: a left-handed power arm who can bolster a team’s bullpen.

So the Rockies knew the market was thin, but apparently not thin enough for them to capitalize on Outman’s value. Their main suitor, the Cleveland Indians, went a different path instead.

Again from Olney:

In case there was somehow some confusion, that would be Rzepczynski of the St. Louis Cardinals, affectionately known as “Scrabble.”

It makes sense that the Rockies would ask for a high price in return for a relief pitcher; because they are not truly sellers, they would presumably seek a trade that improves the team right now. Otherwise it doesn’t make much sense to trade an arm away from an already flailing bullpen. It will be difficult to find a trade partner willing to give away that kind of package for Outman, and that’s probably OK.

For now, the redheaded guy with the sweet socks and the sweet name remains a member of the Rockies.

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