Cuddyer did well in Monday night's home run derby. Image: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Cuddyer Finishes Third In Home Run Derby

Conduct interviews during both Home Run Derby rounds when the participant is a Colorado Rockie? Check.

Talk about how this Colorado Rockie was the unpopular choice for the contest? Check.

Discuss how the altitude aids this Colorado Rockie in hitting home runs? Check.

To be perfectly fair, Michael Cuddyer got some nice love during tonight’s Home Run Derby. His strength, workmanship, and respect for the game were all discussed at length, not to mention his adoration for the late Harmon Killebrew.

Like he has all season, Cuddyer got by on Monday night with pure consistency. He knocked seven home runs in the first round, good enough to advance to the final four. He then knocked eight home runs in round two, finishing with a total of 15. He acquitted himself quite nicely and put decent pressure on eventual runner-up Bryce Harper to deliver a big round to advance to the finals.

Yoenis Cespedes of the Oakland Athletics won the derby. It was his from wire to wire, as he put up a daunting 17 home runs in round one and hit countless bombs on his way to victory. He hit the most home runs and he hit the most impressive home runs; though he will not partake in the All-Star game tomorrow night, he deserved to win tonight.

You know who got the raw end of the deal tonight? My man Tom Runnells. Seemingly every participant’s pitcher was discussed except for Runnells. Somebody can feel free to correct me if they did talk about him and I missed it, but that dude has been with the Rockies forever, and ESPN could have used his story to fill a few minutes instead of having an awkward conversation with Mike Piazza.

Back to Cuddyer. Like every night, he carried himself really well and made the Rockies proud. It’s what we have come to expect.

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