The Rockies lost both games in Boston. Image: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Beat Up In Boston, Rockies Return Home

The Miami Heat winning an NBA Title.

Tom Brady passing for over 4,000 yards.

Teenagers camping out for a new Twilight movie.

Amanda Bynes doing something crazy.

Juan Nicasio getting hit hard by the Boston Red Sox.

None of those things surprised you, right? Were any of us actually expecting Nicasio to be successful against the first place Red Sox on Tuesday night?

I suppose the predictability of the whole thing did not make Nicasio’s 7-run debacle any easier to swallow. Less predictable though still painful were the struggles of Roy Oswalt the following night. In his second start with the Rockies the veteran surrendered five earned runs over the course of six innings. While pitching in Boston for his second start was a tall task, one would have hoped that Oswalt’s veteran-ness might have equipped him to keep things a bit closer.

Oh, and in Wednesday’s loss John Lackey struck out 12. On that note, let’s take a mental health break.

And we’re back. So now the Rockies come home with a 39-40 record and needing to do some damage. After tonight’s odd make-up game against the New York Mets they will face the dreaded San Francisco Giants over the weekend. Granted the Giants have their own problems having just been swept by the Dodgers, but I just always assume the worst when it comes to facing them.

For instance, Barry Zito pitches Friday night. OF COURSE HE DOES.

Yes the Rockies have a chance to regain some lost ground on this home stand, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy. They need the steady members of their starting rotation to pitch well and they need some consistency from their young hitters. With a long stretch of NL West games starting soon, this week is important for the Rockies to get things pointed the right direction.

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