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Troy Tulowitzki Did Not Accuse Madison Bumgarner Of Cheating

Last night Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki had the umpire inspect a baseball because it appeared to have a foreign substance on it. The ball was removed, and Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner voiced his displeasure that his honesty and integrity might have been called into question (or something like that).

Tulowitzki clarified what happened today (quotes courtesy of CSN Bay Area):

“I wasn’t accusing him at all. I have too much respect for him to do something like that. I didn’t think they were cheating…

“You respect the game and there’s something on the baseball, so let’s get rid of it and move on. You respect guys who compete. I have respect for him and hopefully he has the same for me.”

For his part Bumgarner didn’t seem too worked up about it, expressing a little bit of confusion after the game but not much else. And really, there should be no misunderstanding here. If anybody knows what an empty cheating accusation looks like, it’s the Giants. Presumably that makes each member of the team more than qualified to recognize when that is and is not happening.


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