Tulo yelling at an umpire. Image: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Troy Tulowitzki Out Again With Leg Issue

Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki was slated to start Wednesday night’s game against the New York Yankees after sitting out Tuesday with heavy or tight legs or whatever. Then the weather, now famous in Colorado, got involved and changed those plans.

If we were dealing with the younger and more volatile versions of Tulo, this all could have unfolded in an ugly manner. He might have tried to force his way into the lineup anyway. Weiss might have said no. Tulo might have slammed around, breaking bats, tipping over tables, and otherwise expressing his dismay. It’s possible that the maturity gained means a player who sees the value in preserving his long-term health.

We won’t be able to label the true reason for these proactive days off until the rest of the season plays out. If this means that Tulowitzki avoids the disabled list or missing any extended chunks of time, then these days are well worth it. But if these issues become chronic or these days off are happening too frequently or if he ends up on the disabled list anyway, it will be tough to avoid the “fragile” label that is already being bandied about by some people.

I hesitate to call Tulowitzki fragile…yet. It is pending how the rest of the season goes. Am I taking it too easy on Tulo?

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