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Rays At Rockies, May 4th: Game Time, Lineups, And Preview

Rays at Rockies. 6:10 P.M. MST

By leaving too many runners on base, letting the game get to extra innings, and then suffering through a rare lapse from Matt Belisle, the Rockies squandered a golden opportunity to win the opening game of this weekend series against the Rays. Tonight they will try to jump on David Price early in a manner similar to the damage they did against Matt Moore on Friday night.

The other thing happening tonight is this: my feelings about calling up Charlie Blackmon are stronger than ever. With Dexter Fowler out, my patience with Eric Young Jr., fair or otherwise, is quickly running out. Speaking of Dexter Fowler, his decision to lay down a sacrifice bunt last night was beyond absurd (before he got hurt on the play). In a rare achievement, Joe Maddon out-managed Walt Weiss and Fowler when Dex took it upon himself to do that. You don’t see that often.

Here is the Rockies lineup against the reigning American League Cy Young winner:

Eric Young Jr. CF
Josh Rutledge 2B
Carlos Gonzalez LF
Troy Tulowitzki SS
Michael Cuddyer RF
Wilin Rosario C
Nolan Arenado 3B
Jordan Pacheco 1B
Jon Garland P

Tulowitzki returns after taking a precautionary night off on Friday. Rutledge is clearly seeing the ball better than Pacheco at the moment, going 8-for-his-last-20 at-bats. Presumably that prompted Weiss to flip-flop them in the lineup and not just the sting of Pacheco’s backwards K with the bases loaded in the 8th inning last night.

Oh, and I WANT CHARLIE BLACKMON. Call up Tyler Colvin and DJ LeMahieu too, while you’re at it. I can only take so many more painful at-bats from the EY, Reid Brignac, and Jonathan Herrera crew. Not to mention Ryan Wheeler. I think even Ryan Wheeler is confused as to why he is on the roster.

Joe Maddon, who managed like an absolute boss in Friday night’s victory, trots the following lineup out for his Rays:

Desmond Jennings CF
Matt Joyce RF
Ben Zobrist 2B
Evan Longoria 3B
James Loney 1B
Kelly Johnson LF
Yunel Escobar SS
Jose Molina C
David Price P

The only mistake Maddon made Friday night was not starting James Loney against the Rockies. Loney’s (approximate) career numbers against the Rockies consist of 100 home runs and a .750 batting average. Otherwise overlooked in his career, he is the first guy off the bench on the official “Rockies Killers” roster.

With Joyce batting second, Rockies starter Jon Garland will face a lot of pop right away in this game. Entering tonight’s action, Garland has thrown his sinker a little bit less and his slider a little bit more than usual. All the Rockies ask of him tonight is what they ask of him any other night: control any damage and work efficiently. Oh, and pray that his offense finds a way to get to Price.

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