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Jim Tracy Explains Why Jonathan Herrera Made The Rockies

The final roster for the 2013 Colorado Rockies as they prepare to break spring training was mostly predictable. The big surprise was the decision to option struggling outfielder Tyler Colvin to AAA in favor of utility infielder Jonathan Herrera. Many bristled at the decision, wondering if another player would perhaps have been more deserving. With that said, let me hand it off to former Rockies manager and Rox Pile guest contributor Jim Tracy to analyze why Herrera made the club.

Let me make one thing very clear. When you talk about a Jonathan Herrera you do not talk about statistics. The numbers, they don’t matter. When you talk about a Jonathan Herrera, you talk about a player who does everything right, who plays the game the right way, who has done everything we have asked of him from the moment he put on that uniform. He plays this game of ours the way it is meant to be played, day in and day out. And really, it’s as simple as that. So then you have to ask yourself one question. What can you say about Jonathan Herrera and why he is on this team? I’ll tell you this, if I’m manager, I don’t know how I can not put a young man like him on the roster and then go look those other 24 men in the eyes and say I am making the best decisions for this ballclub, that I am putting those 25 men in the best position to win night after night. So no, when you talk about a Jonathan Herrera you do not talk about statistics. You talk about everything else he brings. That young man does everything right and that is why he is here and why he will continue to be here. 

Period. End of story.

Thanks Jim. You’re welcome here anytime.

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