Feb 21, 2013; Scottsdale, AZ, USA; Colorado Rockies catcher Wilin Rosario (20) poses for a picture during the Rockies photo day at Salt River Fields. Mandatory Credit: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

About Wilin Rosario: A Text Message Exchange

Consider this a way for us to evaluate Wilin Rosario, where he’s been, and what the future holds. This is a text message exchange between me and my friend…um…my friend Layden.

Hayden: was this really the plan with Rosario? Starting full-time catcher already?

Layden: Of course it was. He has to be in the lineup.

Here is Rosario. With a glove and ball. Yikes. Image: Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Hayden: but it was premature last season…they were going to at least ease him into it

Layden: if they could have they would have. he obv. wasn’t ready

Hayden: Defensively he wasn’t

Layden: (1/2) right…but he would be the starter now regardless…we just wouldn’t know right at this moment how atrocious…

Layden: (2/2) …his D is

Hayden: ignorance is bliss

Layden: (1/2) I guess. so one year ago his bat wasn’t necessarily Major League ready. He had to adjust…

Layden: (2/2) …can that happen on defense too?

Hayden: he has a lot farther to go

Layden: A LOT farther…so it’s not much of a comparison…

Hayden: Is it good that he opted out of the WBC? That had to be a tough call

Layden: Would have been nice exposure with DR winning

Hayden: Well, it would have been exposure. Nice with the bat, not with the glove

Hayden: What if he can’t catch? 1B didn’t look like an option…

Layden: Outfield isn’t really an option…

Hayden: 3B?

Layden: LOL

Layden: but I guess it’s not really funny

Hayden: hey, if you can’t laugh at the Rockies…

Layden: do we agree that he’s ready to hit consistently?

Hayden: Yes. I think. I think I’m sure … he needs to show he can keep adjusting tho

Layden: Maybe he can be the one to hit on the road…

Hayden: Woah. Let’s stick with repeating his power production. And improved defense…

Layden: In Yorvit we trust baby…he’ll show him the way

Hayden: Oy. SMH. This conversation is over.

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