I kid because I care Jim. Honest. Image: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Tracy's Analysis Of The Rockies' Triple Play

On Thursday the Colorado Rockies turned a triple play in their 4-3 Cactus League victory over the Cincinnati Reds. We now welcome former manager Jim Tracy for his first contribution to Rox Pile as a guest analyst:

What can you say about a play like the play we saw out there today? When you have special players like Nolan Arenado, Eric Young Jr., and Henry Wrigley, special things are going to happen. And that’s what you saw out there today. A special play by special individuals. So then you see that, and you have to ask yourself this question: how did they get there? They got there by putting the right individuals in the right situations to succeed. When that happens, special individuals make special plays. It’s as simple as that.

Period. End of story.

Thanks Jim. You’re welcome here anytime.

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