Colvin will see time at first base and in the outfield this season. Image: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Colvin Signs With Rockies, Avoids Arbitration

I keep trying to envision what one of these arbitration hearings actually looks like. I know that each side submits a number and then the arbiter decides which number the player will get. But I still have so many questions…

Do the players and management talk before the hearing? After? Is it friendly? Does each side present their case? Give an opening statement? A closing argument?

Imagine if Tyler Colvin had not just signed for 1 year/$2.275 million to avoid arbitration. In the hypothetical hearing that I am imagining, he would have been able to deliver a killer closing argument for why the arbiter should pick his figure. I imagine it would have sounded something like this:

“Look at what Dan O’Dowd and his band of not-so-merry men did last season. Disastrous signings, disastrous trades, and disastrous decisions. I mean, seriously, look at what Jason Hammel did. Has there ever been a bigger bust than Jeremy Guthrie? And just what the hell was that paired pitching thing? Here’s the point…I’m the only thing that went right for the front office. Me and DJ, that is. That trade is a huge victory for this front office, the only thing they can point to and say, ‘SEE! We do know what we’re doing!’ Furthermore, I play first base and all three outfield spots and I’m lefthanded. These fools need to pay up.”

OK, so maybe I do not know if that’s what Tyler Colvin would sound like.

I cannot imagine a situation where I would side with the player more. Just pay a little more for your only success story, boys. Tyler Colvin is extremely valuable to this team. For those reasons it makes sense (like it usually does) that this did not reach arbitration. This one just made even more sense than your typical situation.

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