Brown played well for the Rockies in 2012. Image: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

A Fond Farewell To Andrew Brown

We have been so focused on the surplus of outfielders and the trade possibilities with Michael Cuddyer and Dexter Fowler that I fear we have overlooked some of the unsung heroes of the Colorado Rockies’ outfield depth.

That includes Andrew Brown, now a former Rockie. After electing to become a free agent, Brown signed a minor league contract with the New York Mets today.

In losing Brown the Rockies lose their player who looks the most like a corner outfielder. If there is such a thing as a bruiser in baseball, I think Brown would fit the description. He thumps with the power you want from those spots, is athletic enough to make the plays he needs to make, and has a ridiculously strong arm. If there is a profile for right field in this continuously adaptable and hybridized league, Brown fits the profile. He was not necessarily spectacular in his 2012 stint with the Rockies, but he played well enough and showed the traits we expected him to show.

I almost wonder if the fact that Brown fit that profile also made him forgettable, whether that is fair to him or not. But think about it: when you went through the long list of outfielders from whom the Rockies have to choose, did you include Brown? If you did, how far down the list was he?

As far as quality of outfield play goes, the bar is much, much lower in New York. Brown is switching from an organization where his path to the big leagues was blocked to an organization where all he needs to do is help replace Jason Bay.

So farewell Andrew Brown. Your efforts in 2012 were admirable and appreciated, and we wish you well.

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