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Michael Bourn, Giancarlo Stanton, And The Rockies Outfielders

The Colorado Rockies want huge packages for either Dexter Fowler or Michael Cuddyer in a trade. Presumably they want “Major League ready” pitching, as it goes. Just as it is that they are not “actively shopping” the outfielders but “will listen.”

One reason it is probably a good thing that the Rockies are not actively shopping the two outfielders, and that reports this offseason have been consistent with that stance, is because the outfield market is still taking shape. That was already the case as free agent center fielder Michael Bourn continued his search for a new home. Now we can add some grumblings about Giancarlo Stanton, the mighty and massive outfielder for the don’t-call-it-a-fire-sale Miami Marlins, to that mix.

Once the Minnesota Twins beat everybody to the punch when it came to outfield trades and dished Ben Revere for a package that included Vance Worley, it made much more sense for the Rockies to sit and wait. If they truly are not actively shopping, then they need to let the market fully crystallize first.

Stanton is younger than either of the outfielders the Rockies have to offer, and he represents a better version of Cuddyer in almost every respect, save for clubhouse culture leadership stuff. Also, he hits home runs that break scoreboards and stuff. It would seem that establishes him as the biggest trade target that any team can hope to find. It seems like this creates some type of cautious staring contest, where the Rockies want Stanton to be traded so that the offers they listen to go up in desperation and the Marlins want the Rockies to trade one of their guys so that they (the Marlins) can ask for even more for Stanton.

All while they “just listen,” of course, and try to protect the most valuable pieces on their respective franchises.

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