Upton will take his services to the National League. Image: Jeff Griffith-US PRESSWIRE

B.J. Upton Signs With Atlanta Braves; Impact On Dexter Fowler?

Before I proceed, I am hereby ending use of the term “Herschel Walker deal.” Ever since the historically tilted trade that sent Walker to the Minnesota Vikings in exchange for 5 players and 8 draft picks, it has become the term for trades where the team willing to part with a star player gets a haul of value in return. The Rockies, among other teams I am sure, have used it to indicate the only circumstances under which they would part with a key player. For instance, general manager Dan O’Dowd insisted that he would only give up Ubaldo Jimenez if he got a “Herschel Walker deal,” which he apparently thinks he got in Drew Pomeranz and Alex White

Of course the Rockies are not shopping Fowler. Image: Jeff Curry-US PRESSWIRE

…waiting for Rockies fans to come to after banging their heads on their desks…

I mention this because I am going to mention the possibility of trading center fielder Dexter Fowler in a moment. As a reminder, the Rockies “are not shopping him” but “will listen to offers.” Of course they are probably holding out for what is known as a Hershel Walker deal.

Not anymore.

We are replacing the term “Herschel Walker trade” with “video game trade.” As in, the kind of trade where you get so much in return that when you see it, you think it could only happen on a video game’s franchise mode.

Admit it, you like that much better.

Yes that does bring us to B.J. Upton signing with the Atlanta Braves. The free agent center fielder inked a 5-year, $75 million deal. That knocks one of the three NL East teams who are shopping for a center fielder off of the list of teams who might pursue a trade for Fowler. As the dominoes continue to fall, that leaves the Washington Nationals, Philadelphia Phillies, and of course the Tampa Bay Rays as teams who could be interested in Dex. Next up: the Rockies will presumably wait and see where free agent Michael Bourn lands, and then listen to see how desperate the remaining teams are and how willing they might be to offer them a…

…video game trade!

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