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The Colorado Rockies And Cyber Monday

As Black Friday loses its uniqueness and every store you can possibly imagine opens at midnight (or earlier) with “doorbuster” deals, there is a seemingly universal effort to get in on the rage known as “Cyber Monday.” With sales online today expected to exceed $1.5 billion, companies everywhere are getting in on the action. Shoppers who chose not to stand in icy cold lines saved their money and will punch in their credit card numbers on sites ranging from Amazon.com to Target.com to coloradorockies.com.

For baseball fans it appears that the sale extends to all of MLB.com. The reason that the sales specifically on the Colorado Rockies site caught my attention is because of the incessant emails I have received as a subscriber to “team news.” Approximately 18 emails later, I figured I might as well make the best of the spamesque emails and mine the deals for items of interest and what they might tell us about the state of the Rockies.

Let’s start with a deal on the famous Coca Cola value pack! Fans receive 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 cokes, and a Rockies magazine for the rock bottom price of $59. And now on Cyber Monday, receive that excellent value for…$59? Uh, isn’t that how much it costs anyway? Can somebody help me on this? I might have missed something, but I am fairly certain that it used to cost $59, which would make the Cyber Monday “deal” from $79 to $59…misleading. I am not going to read too much into this, but it feels like bad timing to jack up the price of a package, and then advertise the old price as a “deal.” Let me remind you that this is not exactly a happy fan base, guys.

You can also pursue ticket deals in the recently constructed Camarena Loft, which looks like something Jerry Jones threw in the garbage as a reject when he designed the new Cowboys stadium. But hey, if that is your thing, there might be a Cyber Monday deal for you…and if that is your idea of a worthwhile pursuit, kindly stop reading this. Thank you.

Finally, you can buy one item, get one item 50% off in the entire apparel shop. This is standard but nevertheless it is a good deal. As far as a connection to the actual Colorado Rockies, I do not know of one, although my sources are trying to confirm that Dan O’Dowd and Bill Geivett have been asking about “buy one pitcher, get one 50%” opportunities from other Major League general managers, trying to inquire if such a thing might exist.

Stay tuned.

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