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Colorado Rockies: 75-1 Odds Of Winning 2013 World Series

When you look at the opening list of odds to win the 2013 World Series, you might long for the days that the Rockies were a nice, average, middle-of-the-pack team. That state of average-ness looks pretty appealing when you consider where they stand on this list and which teams they find themselves surrounded by.

At 75-1, the Colorado Rockies are tied as the second longest shot to win, behind only the Houston Astros at 150-1. Three other teams have 75-1 odds: the Kansas City Royals, Cleveland Indians, and Chicago Cubs. There certainly has to be some irony in the fact that the Rockies and Indians, who just over one year ago agreed to an impactful and somewhat controversial trade, find themselves in the same awful spot on the list. Sometimes analysts will examine a trade ex post facto and declare that it was a “win win,” as in both teams got what they needed. I wonder how long we should wait before we call the Ubaldo Jimenez trade a “lose lose.” That is, unless the young guns the Rockies got wanted to break through and tilt the trade towards their side (thinking of you, Drew Pomeranz).

Here are some other highlights (or lowlights) from the list:

  • Around the NL West, the San Diego Padres are 60-1, the Los Angeles Dodgers are 18-1, and the defending champion San Francisco Giants are 10-1, the best odds of any National League team.
  • The early favorites are the Detroit Tigers at 6-1, followed by the New York Yankees at 7-1. I suppose the Yankees are that high in anticipation of all the moves they can and probably will make this offseason.
  • The Miami Marlins are 40-1. This is probably the one that makes me feel the worst about the Rockies. The Marlins tried their big flashy experiment, it didn’t work, so they ripped the whole thing up and started over like only the Marlins can. They fired their manager and gutted their roster. So having said that….40-1? Seriously? Seems to me they ought to be down closer to the Rockies.
  • And finally there is this: the Philadelphia Phillies, who did not make the playoffs, even with a late season push for the second wild card, are 14-1 to win the 2013 World Series. Of course they are.


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