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Did Mitt Romney Take A Shot At The Colorado Rockies?

To a decent amount of political fanfare, Colorado Rockies’ first baseman Todd Helton recently announced his official support for the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan presidential ticket. Responses around the country likely ranged from any of the following:

“That’s predictable.”

“Oh, I like Todd Helton. That’s cool.”

“Todd Helton barely likes talking about his profession, but now he’s throwing his hat in the political ring.”

Moving east…

“Who’s Todd Helton?”

“There’s a baseball team in Colorado?”

Here’s a little blip from Governor Romney’s website about Helton’s endorsement of the campaign:

“Todd Helton is a true winner, and I’m proud to have him on my team,” said Mitt Romney. “Like many Americans, he knows that America has seen a lot of adversity over the last four years, but there is nothing that we cannot overcome.”

Woah woah. Like many Americans, Todd Helton “knows that America has seen a lot of adversity?” With all due respect to Helton and Romney…Helton made $4.9 million this season. Correction: Helton made only $4.9 million in 2012 because he deferred over $13 million owed to him to the years after his career. He definitely does not know that kind of adversity. So…if Romney is not alluding to financial hardship, that leaves us with one possible explanation…

…Governor Romney is taking a shot at the Colorado Rockies!

Think about it: the Rockies have gone a combined 137-187 the last two seasons. That has to be what he meant when he said Helton “knows about adversity”…I mean, it’s not like we don’t know the Rockies stink, but we don’t need to be reminded on oft-visited political sites in the week leading up to an election. Talk about getting kicked while we’re down.

OK, so maybe he meant a general awareness of the difficult situations of other people…it’s 50/50.

Kidding aside, it is truly is rare for Helton to put himself out there like this. Whatever the political affiliations of individual Rockies fans, everybody must be surprised that he brought himself national attention on purpose.

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