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Carney Lansford Out As Rockies Hitting Coach

It is easy to forget, but it was not all that long ago that offense, especially situational hitting, was the biggest problem for the Colorado Rockies. That is the case no longer, as the infusion of youth did not prevent the Rockies from hitting the ball and scoring runs this season. The success of rookies Wilin Rosario and Jordan Pacheco combined with the emergence of Chris Nelson, DJ LeMahieu, and Tyler Colvin showed us that the offense was healthy and doing well. Now just imagine if you add superstars Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez back into the lineup. You’re all set, right? Fix the pitching, but leave the offensive side of things alone.


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You’ll have to excuse my introduction. I must have had the Rockies confused with an organization that makes sense…

There is some justifiable cause to relieve Lansford of his duties. Like all Rockies hitting coaches, he was tasked with leveling out the team’s home/road splits. Like all Rockies hitting coaches, he failed to do so. This season the offense batted .306 at home and .241 on the road. Their home OPS was .867 and their road OPS was .662.

The other explanation would be that Lansford is the casualty of the classic offseason “house cleaning,” wherein the Rockies will start fresh pretty much everywhere. I’m still inclined to think that his success with these young hitters was enough of a reason for him to stay.

By the way, if the Rockies are “cleaning house,” that better not include Glenallen Hill. If he is at risk, my fandom hangs in the balance. You’ve been warned, Rockies front office.

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