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Errors Sink Rockies In 5th Straight Loss

On the tails of a game in which Wilin Rosario had 4 past balls to create the situation that ultimately cost the Rockies the game, Chris Nelson and Jonathan Herrera committed 2 errors apiece to doom the Rockies to their 5th straight loss, 7-4 at the hands of the hyped-once-again Philadelphia Phillies.

The Rockies staked starter Drew Pomeranz to a 4-1 lead, giving him a legitimate chance to work more efficiently in a tough environment. His effort came up short once again, as he needed 77 pitches to make it through just 4 innings. His tedious performance is a cliff note when you look at why the Rockies lost, but it is discouraging to not see more progress nevertheless.

The errors from Herrera are the most troublesome, because at this point the only reason to have him appear in the lineup from time to time is the measure of stability he usually brings. That includes his normally steady glove.

This loss was made a bit more painful by the fact that former Rockie Ty Wigginton ripped a tying home run in the 6th inning. In a season when ghosts of Rockies past such as Jeremy Guthrie, Clint Barmes, Jason Hammel, and even Omar Quintanilla are making solid contributions on different teams, it is perhaps the most painful to see Wigginton doing anything productive, considering how truly painfully awful he was last season. OK, maybe it is the second most painful…because, seriously, Omar Quintanilla? Oy.

The Rockies must continue working through a merciless schedule tonight with no day off, as the first place San Francisco Giants come to Coors Field.

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