Weekly Link Round-Up

The Rockies are bad, so don’t watch them, read these instead.


  • I saw a lot of American League pitchers take “at-bats” this week and it was hilarious at best and pathetic at worst. But I disagree with David Brown’s assessment that that means we need a universal DH.
  • So much was wrong about how the Rockies played in their series against the A’s last week, and Jeremy Guthrie’s attitude was near the top of the list. Figure out how to pitch or go somewhere else, but don’t take your frustration out on the fans who sign your paychecks.
  • The big “cheating” story last week was Jose Valverde’s spitball, but don’t forget about a little minor leaguer named Edgmer Escalona. Who is apparently willing to do anything to get called up again. (Dude, you’ve seen our starting pitchers. It was only a matter of time anyway.)
  • On Friday Alanna Rizzo kept tweeting us to watch her interview with Bryce Harper, who is apparently “mature beyond his years.” If by “mature” she means “douchey,” I completely agree.
  • After you watch that video, please do yourself a favor and watch this one. You will not regret it.
  • The Indians join the Orioles as the other team most likely to take bad pitchers off the Rockies’ hands. Jeremy Guthrie is available, Indians! He’s super available!
  • Tulsa Driller Josh Rutledge got some love from Fangraphs’ Prospect Watch this week.
  • We spend a lot of time being mad at Dan O’Dowd for trading away Jason Hammel and Matt Lindstrom for the failure that is Jeremy Guthrie, but don’t forget about that other trade: Ian Stewart for Tyler Colvin and DJ LeMahieu.
  • The Rockies did a lot of things when they signed their 2012 draft picks, but perhaps the most important was saving this young man from the ignominious fate of forever being a Florida Gator.
  • Fansided’s Phillies site, That Ball’s Outta here, did a preview of their upcoming series with the Blue Jays and the Rockies, featuring a Q&A with our own Zach Pugh.
  • We all wish Tom Helmer hadn’t been replaced by Joel Klatt, but after Klatt and his radio comrade Mike Evans took on the most unworthy of opponents, Mark Kiszla, in a battle of ridiculous accusations, I wished it even more.
  • I love Jason Hammel, but sometimes it’s hard to see his success as anything other than adding insult to the injury that is Jeremy Guthrie.

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