Weekly Link Round-Up

Stuff to read. Spring training is almost here you guys!!!


  • Call to the Pen’s Joe Soriano took a close look at the Jeremy Guthrie-Jason Hammel-Matt Lindstrom trade.
  • Kyle Davis of Call to the Pen did Ghiroli one better and got into the mind of Guthrie himself. The fact that none of the tweets he found there actually exist really isn’t relevant.
  • Mark Townsend reports on the rally to save Tom Helmer’s job. People, neither he nor I are fortunate enough to live in Denver, so we cannot help Tom. But you can. Do the right thing.
  • Purple Row looks at the changes DOD has made this offseason and considers what they mean for 2013. Which, it has long been my opinion, is when they will actually make the Rockies a successful team.
  • Jhoulys, where the hell are you? Don’t you remember what happened to Ubaldo when he prioritized globe-trotting over bench pressing Jason Giambi? Get thee to Scottsdale by February 20th to avoid even worse consequences than those that may already be headed your way.

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