Will the Padres step on the Rockies' necks this season? Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

Conversations with the Enemy: Rockies/Padres

We’ve circled back around to the Padres in our Conversations with the Enemy series, and this time we tackled the following question:

Whose offense improved more this offseason, the Rockies’ or the Padres’?

Michelle – Rox Pile

I’m going to call this one a draw. The Rockies may have unloaded young bats like Ian Stewart’s and Chris Iannetta’s and took on aging ones like Michael Cuddyer’s and Marco Scutaro’s. But what the Rockies need in order to be better offensively in 2012 is consistency, and the increase in experience in the lineup was exponential. That’s not to say they’ll be a pitcher’s kryptonite, but I think they’re better than they were. On the other hand, the Padres do have Carlos Quentin now, and he will be a key component for them. Yonder Alonso could also make a big impact. There are a lot of wild cards in both these lineups, and I think it will be well into the regular season before we know for sure who had the better offseason.


Justin – Chicken Friars

It’s tough not to be biased and optimistic, but I love what the Padres have done this offseason.  The addition of Yonder Alonso, Carlos Quentin, and John Baker on the offense is huge.  Those three players should single-handedly help the Padres move closer to the middle of the pack in runs scored.  On the other hand, the moves the Rockies have made are puzzling.  Similar to the Padres, it’s hard to tell if they are trying to shed payroll or compete now.  However, I do really like the Marco Scutaro move.  The Rockies are a team in transition, more so than the Padres I think.  I’ve got to give the edge to the Padres, but of course that all depends on how the new guys adjust to Petco Park.


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