Evaluating the Talent: Rex Brothers

Rex Brothers was called up to the big-league club in June to much fanfare. The Rockies’ bullpen, after a very strong start in April, had had a tough May along with the rest of the team, and needed some new blood. Brothers had been garnering a lot of buzz in Colorado Springs, and the fans were ready to see what the lefty could do in the show.

The results were a little bit mixed. In June, he pitched just 9 1/3 innings and allowed 4 earned runs. He also walked 8, posting a nasty WHIP of 2.04. On the other hand, he struck out 11. He quickly proved to have a stellar out pitch and the potential to make quick work of whatever inning became his responsibility. The main issue was time and maturity, some of which he gained in the short time he played for the Rockies.

His ERA improved each month, and in September it was a scary 1.04. He also struck out 59 total in 40 2/3 innings pitched on the season. These numbers make him a great companion for likely closer Rafael Betancourt. Both have shown that they can be strikeout machines, and as an 8th-9th inning combo they could be unstoppable. Brothers is still very new and his growing pains aren’t over, but he’s well on his way to greatness. The Rockies aren’t shopping him right now because they hope to eventually convert him to closer when Betancourt’s time is up. He should have no trouble securing a roster spot next season and for several more to come.

Where should Brothers be in 2012? Colorado.

Where will Brothers be in 2012? Colorado.

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