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Morning Dump -- Tuesday, March 22nd

Spring Training is no longer shiny and new. There is nothing to report that hasn’t already been reported. By now, we know that Todd Helton is old and can’t play every day. Just like we know that the Rox need CarGo to build off last year. Also, there is no need to point out that a substantial Tulo injury would probably doom the team’s playoff chances. Like every other team, the Rockies’ question marks can only be answered during the season. All I want is to watch some meaningful baseball. Nine days.

Yesterday there was a Spring Training brawl!

Some think Mat Latos is a decent pitcher. They may be right.

NotGraphs shows us why you should never test Ichiro’s arm. This video is pure gold.

That’s pretty much it for baseball news, but I still have a few other things I’d like to discuss.

Ralph Macchio is a master of the crane and the waltz.

I’m reaching, it’s time to end this thing. Have a great Tuesday!

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