It's official! Ubaldo is the best pitcher in Colorado!

Morning Dump -- Saturday, March 19th

Yesterday, Jim Tracy named Ubaldo as the Opening Day starter. It was the most unsurprising announcement in team history.

Jayson Stark has a really nice piece about Justin Morneau and his recovery from a really, really bad concussion. Last year, Morneau took a knee to the head while sliding into second and hasn’t played since. This story touches home for me. About two weeks after Morneau, I also took a knee to my temple and it messed me up pretty bad. My recovery was significantly easier than Morneau’s, but I still feel like I can relate to his situation.

But there’s no such thing as a routine day for the Twins’ first baseman now. Not yet. And there’s no such thing as a day that goes by that he can stop asking himself, “How do I feel?”

Fangraphs’ Carson Cistulli is in love with Charlie Blackmon — as am I.

The Padres are hoping that Jason Bartlett will help ease the loss of Adrian Gonzalez.

Kelly Johnson is in a contract year. This means that someone will pay him way more than he is worth next year. Probably the Angels, if I had to guess.

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