Morning Dump -- Friday, March 18th

Today’s Dump will be short and sweet. I’m ready for Spring Training to be over. If I can’t enjoy Salt River Fields anymore this spring, I don’t think anyone should. I’m selfish like that.

Ian Stewart has been with the Rockies for seven years now. It’s time. If he doesn’t bust out this year, he may never.

“If I am in the middle of the order, doing what I am supposed to, it helps make that decision about my future. That’s what I want. To be a core player that they want around, to be that next guy who signs a long-term deal and helps the franchise win a championship.”

Rafael Betancourt is like my father’s 1986 K-5 Blazer — untrustworthily trusty. I don’t know what that means either. Like I said, I’m tired of Spring Training.

“Spring Training is very important for anybody, pitcher or position player. Last year, I didn’t have a chance to do my work and work on my stuff. So far, I feel great. What I’m trying to do is work on throwing strikes. The innings are in the middle of the game, but I have been able to concentrate. I’m fine. If the season were to start tomorrow, I would feel great. But in my next games, I just need to keep getting confidence in my pitches.”

ESPN ran a story on the Astros pitching staff. First of all, does anyone really care about the Astros pitching staff? Second of all, the Worldwide Leader should be ashamed of themselves for having a picture of Brett Myers up for the article. Quite frankly, Brett Myers is an asshole. I don’t know him personally, but any guy that punches his wife in the face is an asshole in my book.

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