Morning Dump -- Tuesday, March 8th

For better or worse, Chris Iannetta will be the starting catcher this season. However, his backup is still undecided. Just to be honest, if the Rockies have to rely on one of these guys, they are probably screwed. Jordan Pacheco can hit, but would be a defensive liability. He’s only been catching for two seasons and it’s doubtful he can adequately run the team’s pitching staff. Pagnozzi, McKenry, and Moeller are not realistic options for a variety of reasons. That leaves Jose Morales. He can swing the bat a little bit, but he is unpolished defensively. With that said, no team is without question marks. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed about the Rox catching situation.

“I know I have to get better. I will continue to work at every facet. But I really like my chances here.” — Jose Morales

The Aaron Cook shoulder saga has become a little sticky. SI’s Jon Heyman said the team was upset with Cook because he didn’t show up in shape. Obviously, I don’t know Heyman’s source, but I’m betting it wasn’t Dan O’Dowd. Honestly, it seemed like some pretty careless reporting by one of baseball’s most prominent media members. Not to mention, it was unfair to Aaron. As much as this sucks, I don’t think you can fault him for the injury. Either way, it sounds like he won’t be with the team to start the season.

“The calendar doesn’t stop. I can’t be concerned with April 1 with Aaron. I want him, when he does toe the rubber, it’s because now he’s healthy. And so he’ll have to do those things that are required for all of our starters leaving spring training. He’s going to have to reach approximately that 100-pitch plateau. But I don’t want to rush him. . . . That’s why spring training is six weeks long. It’s for starting pitching.” — Bob Apodaca

John Maine is getting ready to make his first Spring Training start on Wednesday. He’s the wild card in the competition for the fifth starter spot.

“I think there’s just normal soreness. It’s been so long, trying to tell the difference between soreness and pain. It’s always in the back of your mind that it’s going to come back, but I can’t be worrying about that, or I won’t ever be able to pitch. Just go 100 percent and see what you can do, and that’s what I’ve been doing.” — John Maine

Ubaldo looked outstanding yesterday.

SI’s Ann Killon declares the defending champion Giants as this year’s underdog. Apparently, nobody believes that they can win the World Series. Huh?! Who the hell is saying that? The “nobody believes in us” angle is the most overused source of motivation in sports. It’s now being used by defending World Champions. Also, I’m coming around on Brian Wilson’s beard. I’m hoping that at some point this season, a critter will crawl out of it.

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