Morning Dump -- Tuesday, March 1st

2-0. World Series. That’s all I have to say this morning. Story-time:

Fangraphs released their Rockies season preview. They had some really interesting stuff to say about Dexter Fowler, comparing his career to Bernie Williams’s and Torii Hunter’s when they were the same age as Dexter. Basically, the time is now for Fowler. He will either take the next step and become a player like Williams, or he will continue his inconsistent ways and become a player like Shannon Stewart.

Iannetta has a bunch of pressure on him this year. I like him with hair. It gives me hope that the days of him being bald and hitting under .200 are over.

“When a guy gets off track, I go back to videos of when he was swinging well and when he was doing well, and get him back to that. He’s great in soft toss right now in the cage, and he’s great in BP. Now, he’s got to take it to the next level at game time, and turn it up a notch.” — Carney Lansford on Iannetta

The video capabilities of the new facility are off the charts. Personally, I would feel like my privacy was being invaded.

“I remember the days in the minor leagues with VHS. Here at this place, we have like 100 cameras watching. They don’t miss anything.” — Ian Stewart

Dante Bichette, Jr. hitting like the Big Cat.

Clint Hurdle is trying to turn the Pirates around.

In stark contrast to Russell, Hurdle has brought a bombastic presence to the daily proceedings in camp, energy the players have unanimously praised. Hurdle’s track record in developing young hitters in his time with the Rockies warrants attention from Pittsburgh’s young hitters, who need only look across the clubhouse to Garrett Atkins for one example. — Joe Lemire

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