Morning Dump -- Thursday, February 17th

Yesterday, ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick released a piece on the Giants. For obvious reasons, everyone is happy and team chemistry is at an all-time high. Crasnick referred to their camp as Camp Feel Good. To me, they look like a team that is content and I think it’s great. In the strong NL West, contentment will cause you to miss the playoffs.

Meanwhile, the Post ran an article about Helton. Todd is in a place that is opposite of the Giants. He is pissed off, miserable, and hungry. Frankly, this is the attitude I want my team to have in Spring Training.

Carney Lansford is an upgrade over Don Baylor. I love Baylor, but he wasn’t getting the job done. The Rox hit .226 on the road last year.

In an effort to stay healthy, Huston Street is taking a different approach this season.

Casey Weathers is looking to improve upon his luck.

Jason Hammel watched Ubaldo so much last season that he began to emulate some of Ubaldo’s mechanics.

Troy Renck posted a video of Hector Gomez and Chris Nelson taking BP. He promised me on Twitter that he would give us a clip of Charlie Blackmon soon.

Also from the cell phone of Troy Renck, a video interview with Rafael Betancourt.

According to Yahoo Sports, the Rockies are poised for a big season. I agree.

Check back this afternoon for a preview of the Rockies’ outfield.

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