Lincecum stares down a hitter.

The Morning Dump

I’ve decided to rename this column already. A.M. Links was boring. It is now called the Morning Dump, as in links dump. I think that pretty much covers the name change. On to the reading material.

Like a lot of Rockies’ fans, I kind of hate the Giants. Tim Lincecum is a punk and looks exactly like that kid on Dazed and Confused. I can’t stand Brian Wilson or his shoe polished beard. Most think his antics are funny, but I think he’s an idiot. These are fighting words, but most Rockies’ fans probably feel the same way I do. The Giants are our rivals and their World Championship is burning us up. However, according to the blog 22 Gigantes, the Giants already rival the Dodgers and there is no room for the Rockies. Warning: this blog post is ridiculous and will most likely piss you off. For what it’s worth, here is Big League Stew’s take on the budding rivalry.

That’s it for today. There is a calm before the Spring Training storm.

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