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Here is a nice little Q&A with Aaron Cook. He answered questions about his disappointing year last season, superstitions, Jeff Francis’s departure, and his nickname, Cookie. His explanation of how he developed the pause in his delivery was particularly interesting. Baseball really is such a mental game.

Yesterday, Troy Renck posted another blog pertaining to the Michael Young situation. Buster Olney compared the negotiations between the Rangers and the Rockies to a game of chicken. I have a really bad case of Michael Young tired head.

Also from the Post, this article was written by some lucky fan named Northsider. I don’t know who he is and I don’t know why Patrick Saunders picked him to write a Rockies season preview for the Post. Regardless, Northsider brings up some good points.

Jayson Stark gave the Rockies a B for their off-season efforts.

Barry Bonds is now facing five felonies instead of eleven. Perjury is a tough case to prove.

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